The Weeknight Meal Game Plan: Goal Save Time and Money

There are things I love… Playing with my child, having a long chat with an old friend, spending quality time with my Husband… Then there are things I have to do. Like budget… Continue reading

Lisa’s Pozole Rojo – Guadalajara Style (translation: a really good Mexican soup)

It’s a very cold day in Southern Ontario, I thought it would be a great excuse to share my Pozole recipe with you. My pozole has a flavourful garlic and red chili broth.… Continue reading

My First Canvas

I was inspired by this great little haunt that my husband and I like to steal away to for our “date nights” to create my own art for my home.┬áIn this cool little… Continue reading

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Ever

No Childhood would be complete without Mom’s (or Dad’s) special chocolate chip cookie recipe. This is mine. It works like a dream every time. These cookies are big, fat, chewy, crisp around the… Continue reading

I Heart Pizza

  Years before Guy Fieri jumped in his 67′ Camaro and set the foodie world on fire showcasing America’s finest in “Greasy Spoon” fare. I jumped in my little black Neon for a… Continue reading

Whats for Dinner

It’s nearing the end of the week. Life is busy. The fridge is getting to the point where I’m forced to improvise. I look in the fridge and nothing jumps out at me.… Continue reading